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What are the conditions of mold plugging caused by unreasonable design of profile mold?

Time: 2019-11-06 09:06:46 Copyfrom: 无锡双合模具有限公司(英文版)

A mold plugging caused by unreasonable design of profile mold

Mold blocking caused by deviation of mold flow rate:it is common in profiled materials or cantilever long and wide flat materials

(1)The profile is mainly manifested in the design deviation of aluminum flow ratio,chamber size,length of local working zone,obstruction of aluminum runoff direction,etc.

(2)The main reasons for the cantilever length are unreasonable design,inaccurate calculation,and the flow velocity of the expansion part(including various factors in the profile)is out of sync with others.

(3)The flow velocity deviation of wide body material is mainly reflected in the subsequent processing of the mold,the degree of grinding smoothness,the processing of cavity shape,the length of the working band caused by the depth of EDM and the large transition drop,which has little to do with the design itself.

In short,any single or multiple deviations of various factors that can affect the speed of flow can cause mold plugging.

The outer space knife of the second mold working belt is too small,resulting in mold blocking

Too much empty knife will cause deformation and cracking of the working belt without support.At the export stage,most of the profiles will swing,bend and shake due to flow velocity,wall thickness,resistance and other reasons after the head of the profile protrudes out of the working zone.The empty knife is too small or not smooth,so that the material head is blocked or bonded after friction.Make the material head no longer advance,but the extrusion still causes the empty knife space to be filled with aluminum and the gap of the working belt to be filled with aluminum.

The size of the empty knife depends on the mold.The small mold 500 ton machine is generally not less than 0.5mm,and the 10000 ton machine is not more than 3mm!Most of them are between 0.5-1.0mm.If the step type is adopted for empty knife processing,that is,the mold plugging condition of the outer part is larger than the inner part by 2 or 3 levels will be improved,and the empty knife surface should be ground smooth.

Some other factors causing mold plugging due to the third mock examination

1.The profile deflector is installed reversely.

2.Three piece medium-sized mold reverse installation-empty knife advanced aluminum,will block the mold.Special attention should be paid to three piece flat aluminum.

3.Broken or biased tongues and small feet are also easy to block the mold directly,and also because of the sharp change of flow velocity.

4.Where there are too many obstacles in the mold cavity,the corresponding working belt is easy to block the mold during extrusion when the speed changes greatly.

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