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Plug mold caused by temperature of profile mold

Time: 2019-11-13 08:23:49 Copyfrom: 无锡双合模具有限公司(英文版)

Plug mold caused by temperature of profile mold

Mainly due to the high proportion of mold plugging caused by impurities mixed into the aluminum rod during the melting and casting process,and these foreign matters still exist after smelting have the ability to destroy the mold.The harm of large slag and refractory mud gathered together to the shunting mold is serious.Due to the large difference in material,it is not easy to decompose and dissolve and has a high degree of looseness.After flowing through the mold core,the radial flow is changed due to the blocking of the mold tongue.When it bypasses the mold tongue,the lumps gathered together become streamlined and close to the tongue core and collapse,thus changing the hydrostatic pressure around the tongue center,making the tongue break and press out together,and the mold is scrapped.Some hard metals can be damaged and cracked,and most of them can be repaired after returning to the mold factory!

The conditions for mold plugging caused by temperature also need to be met.The details are as follows:first of all,we need to understand the causes of mold plugging hazards caused by high-temperature extrusion.

1.High temperature extruded profiles are first strengthened in terms of plastic deformation,more lively,and large size changes!Then there are uncontrollable factors in the final size setting.

2.The profile extruded at high temperature is easier to reach the over burning defect temperature,and the profile performance control margin becomes smaller and the requirements become higher,so there are risks.

3.The high-temperature extruded profile has a soft texture before quenching,which is easy to deform and fall,and the sticky foot friction(empty knife,pad)is easy to stick and jam.

4.When the high-temperature extruded profile is partially extruded out of the working zone,the flow velocity difference is larger,and some existing flow promoting factors are excited,resulting in the superposition of effects,i.e.1+1>2 effect!

5.For high-temperature extruded profiles,the turbulence capacity of the aluminum base in the barrel mold is greater,the shrinkage defects at the end of the profile are stronger,and there are more bubble defects,so the aluminum base flowing into the working zone is more sensitive to external force vibration.

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