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In what fields are gusset dies used?

Time: 2020-03-20 09:30:47 Copyfrom: 无锡双合模具有限公司(英文版)

In what fields are gusset dies used?The principle of aluminum alloy is very simple and easy to distinguish.The surface aluminum sheet is formed,the middle polyurethane foam layer is insulated,and the bottom aluminum foil is waterproof.Both bamboo and wood fibers and stone sculptures are based on PVC resin

The main material of bamboo and wood fiber is foamed PVC+calcium carbonate+bamboo or wood powder.Among them,the proportion of bamboo and wood powder is relatively small,which is mainly composed of PVC+stone powder.The differences are as follows:

1.Different appearance:bamboo wood fiberboard has the effect of wood,while stone plastic is the appearance of plastic board.

2.Different density:due to micro foaming,the density of bamboo wood fiberboard is small,and the board is also light,while the stone plastic board is solid extrusion,so the density is larger,and the board is heavier.

3.Different physical properties:due to the existence of foaming,bamboo wood fiberboard has certain thermal expansion and cold contraction,so the product is mainly v-seam;The thermal expansion and cold contraction of stone plastic board are almost ignored,so the flat joint is also good.

Excellent bamboo and wood fiber integrated wallboard,the general section feels neat,the density is moderate,and the joint is strengthened by CO extrusion.

1)PVC gusset is a PVC gusset ceiling material,which is made of PVC resin as the base material,adding a certain amount of anti-aging agents,modifiers and other additives,through mixing,calendering,vacuum blistering and other processes.This PVC gusset ceiling is especially suitable for ceiling decoration in kitchens and bathrooms.It has the advantages of light weight,moisture resistance,heat insulation,not easy to burn,not dust absorption,easy to clean,can be painted,easy to install,and low price.But now PVC ceiling has been gradually replaced by aluminum gusset plate,not only because it looks less beautiful than aluminum gusset plate,but also the wooden keel used in PVC ceiling is not moisture-proof and easy to change.

2)Aluminum gusset plate is a special material,which is light and durable.It is widely used in the ceiling of kitchen and bathroom in home decoration.Because the construction adopts light steel keel,aluminum gusset plate ceiling has the functions of moisture-proof and not easy to deform.At the same time,aluminum gusset plate also has the previous design in texture,shape and so on.More importantly,the aluminum gusset ceiling is now equipped with unified electrical appliances.For example,most bathrooms will use the wind heating three in one,which solves the problem of the unsightly installation of Yuba and ceiling lamps.At the same time,the ceiling looks more fashionable and concise after installation.

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