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Development of profile mold industry in China

Time: 2019-08-06 08:04:40 Copyfrom: 无锡双合模具有限公司(英文版)

The development of profile mold industry in China has been paid more and more attention by people.In electronic,automotive,electrical,electrical,instrumentation,home appliances,communications and other products,60%to 80%of the parts and components rely on profile mold molding.It is understood that in recent years,with the accelerated transfer of manufacturing production bases to China,the rapid upgrading of China's manufacturing industry has led to the accelerated development of the profile mold industry.

1、Analysis on the development status of automobile profile mold industry

With the intensification of global competition in the automotive market,in order to reduce the cost of new car development,foreign automobile manufacturers have entered China to purchase profile molds for automotive panels.Ford,Fiat,etc.have established China profile mold procurement centers,and General Motors has closed four of the five profile mold plants and turned to China for procurement.With the cultivation of the domestic automobile market for many years,a number of manufacturers with the ability to undertake the production of automobile profile molds in the world have emerged.International automobile giants will increase their purchasing efforts in China,so that the export volume of automobile panel profile molds in China will increase rapidly.

2、Analysis on the development status of automation equipment parts industry

Automatic equipment parts manufacturing is an important supporting industry of automatic equipment,which is widely used in the fields of automobile,CNC machine tools,automatic conveying equipment,robots,transformer manufacturing and so on.The characteristics of high quality,high precision,easy operation and easy management of automation equipment in the production of enterprises in various industries make it an essential mechanical equipment in the production process of enterprises,and drive the increase in the demand for parts and components of automation equipment.At the same time,the requirements for parts and components of automation equipment in terms of structural shape specificity,part material diversification,high precision of size and surface quality are also getting higher and higher.

The general mechanical parts industry where automation equipment parts are located has maintained a growth rate of more than 20%for many years,and has formed an industrial system with complete categories,large scale and certain competitiveness,and has become an important basic industry of the national economy.At present,the annual sales volume of China's general machinery parts industry exceeds 250billion yuan,and the export volume is more than 7 billion US dollars.China has become a major manufacturer of basic parts.

Although the total production of profile mold in China has ranked third in the world,the design and manufacturing level is much behind Germany,the United States and other countries on the whole.Moreover,in the international market competition,the overall competitiveness of China's profile mold industry is not strong due to the lack of independent brands,which is not conducive to the development of China's profile mold enterprises in the global economic market.Insiders pointed out that improving the competitiveness of China's profile mold manufacturing enterprises and building independent brands in China's profile mold industry have become the main problems facing the profile mold industry.

According to incomplete statistics,at present,there are more than 2000 sales and service institutions of mechanical hardware profile molds in Guangdong Province,but there are only twoorthree enterprises with independent brands.Industry insiders pointed out that due to the lack of private brands,the average annual output value of profile mold created by each domestic employee is about 10000 US dollars,while the output value of profile mold in most developed countries is 150000 to 200000 US dollars,and some even reach 250000 to 300000 US dollars.Generally speaking,most domestic profile mold manufacturing enterprises have weak development ability and no brand,resulting in poor economic benefits and often in a passive position in the market.

In order to improve its competitive strength and build its own brand,the profile mold industry,while constantly improving the industrial technology level,makes full use of the advantages of mobile Internet to create a good corporate brand image,so as to achieve the goal of improving the soft power of enterprise competition.