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Gusset mold

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What is the difference between PVC plastic gusset mold and aluminum alloy gusset mold?

Q:what is the difference between PVC plastic gusset plate and aluminum alloy gusset plate?What should we pay attention to when using?

Answer:PVC plastic gusset plate has strong water resistance and scrubbing resistance,and the cost is relatively low.Aluminum alloy gusset plate has better texture and decorative sense.PVC plastic gusset plate takes PVC as raw material,which is light in weight,easy to install,waterproof and moth proof.The color and pattern of the surface also changes a lot,and it is pollution-resistant,easy to clean,and has good performance of sound insulation and heat insulation.In particular,fire-retardant materials are added in the new process,so that it can be extinguished immediately after leaving the fire and is safer to use.The disadvantage is that compared with the metal ceiling plate,the service life is relatively short.When purchasing PVC ceiling profiles,in addition to asking the dealer for the quality inspection report and product inspection certificate,you can visually check the appearance quality.The board surface should be flat and smooth,free of cracks,no bumps,can be disassembled freely,the surface is shiny and free of scratches,and the sound of tapping the board surface by hand is clear and crisp.Plastic gusset ceiling is 40mm×40mm square planks form a skeleton,and plastic gusset plates are nailed under the skeleton.This kind of ceiling is more suitable for decorating the ceiling of the toilet.

If the PVC ceiling profile is damaged,it is very convenient to update.As long as the strip at one end is removed,the plate is pulled out of the strip one by one,the damaged plate is replaced with a new plate,and then the strip is reinstalled.Attention should be paid to reducing the color difference as much as possible during replacement.Compared with traditional ceiling materials,aluminum alloy gusset plate has better texture and decorative sense.Aluminum alloy gusset plate is divided into sound-absorbing plate and decorative plate.The hole types of sound-absorbing plate include round hole,square hole,oblong hole,rectangular hole,triangular hole,size combination hole,etc.the bottom plate is mostly white or aluminum;The decorative board pays special attention to decoration,with simple and smooth lines,and can be selected in bronze,gold,red,blue,milk white and other colors.There are rectangles,squares,etc.The Zui large size of rectangular plates is 600mm×300mm,the width of the general room is more than 5 meters.The decoration of the larger room is made of long strip plate,which has a stronger overall sense.The decoration of the small room can generally be made of 500mm×500mm,due to the poor thermal insulation performance of the metal plate,in order to obtain a certain sound absorption and thermal insulation function,when choosing the metal plate for ceiling decoration,you can use the method of adding glass wool,rock wool and other heat preservation and sound absorption materials to achieve the effect of heat insulation and sound absorption.