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Gusset mold

Gusset mold

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Installation and maintenance of PVC plastic gusset plate mold


First,the elevation line should be snapped on the wall,the pressure lines should be fixed at both ends of the wall,and the cement nails should be used to fix it firmly with the wall.The plate shall be cut according to the actual size of the ceiling,and the plate shall be inserted into the second plate...The last plate shall be cut according to the actual size.When cutting,use a sharp cutting knife,press the snap line with a steel ruler,and cut it.When loading,it can be inserted into the groove of the upper plate by bending slightly.After loading,press strips on both sides to seal.


PVC ceiling type has strong water resistance and scrubbing resistance.After scrubbing with detergent in daily use,clean with water;The joints between the plates are easily polluted by oil stains.When cleaning,use a brush dipped in detergent and clean with water;Be careful not to touch the lighting circuit with water.The characteristics and advantages of aluminum ceiling:elegant,bright,generous,solemn,exquisite structure,simple assembly and disassembly;Impeccable fire prevention and moisture-proof functions;Seamless splicing,good quality;Easy to clean and durable;It has perfect sound absorption effect;The color matching is soft and smooth.In recent 10 years,PVC ceiling,commonly known as plastic gusset plate,has been widely used.Its advantages are low price,but its disadvantages are obvious:low strength,easy to change color,stained with lampblack,and easy to breed bacteria.